All I want for Christmas is…

My two front teeth… A red ryder beebee gun… You???? I’m sure your Christmas list is filled with some very cool things but, have you thought about some items that are not only cool but functional too?


Assistive Technology (AT) devices have come a long way and are designed to help us with our day to day activities. Whether we’re talking about high priced, high tech items or more practical budget friendly toys, there’s a perfect gift idea for everyone on your list.


Let’s go high end and take a look at the iLevelĀ® Power Chair. iLevel improves daily functionality and quality of life by allowing operation of the chair with the seat elevated up to 10 inches. Reaching items from a high shelf, transferring, even eye level conversations are much easier. We’re looking at a high priced item here but, if you have the means, why not!


Looking for something that’s a little more budget friendly? Liftware has a selection of both stabilizing and leveling handles and attachments that are designed to help people with hand tremor or limited hand and arm mobility retain dignity, confidence, and independence when eating.


Liftware Steady is an electronic stabilizing handle and a selection of attachments that include a soup spoon, everyday spoon, and fork. Liftware Steady is designed to help people with hand tremor, which may be related to Parkinson’s disease or essential tremor, eat more easily.


Liftware Level uses electronic motion-stabilizing technology to keep your utensil level, regardless of how your hand or arm twists, bends, or moves.


No more spilled soup or dropped peas with any of these products. At under $200 for the starter kit, this makes for a great gift.


1481590129354-747680564Looking for a lower end toy? How about the “Grip-Aid” which was created to help individuals regain their independence with everyday tasks such as; brushing your teeth, writing, and eating. The purpose of the Grip-Aid is to make these tasks easier by providing more graspable area to the object of use.

To use the Grip-Aid, all you have to do is squeeze the sides to make the opening larger, insert the object of your choice into the Grip-Aid, hold however is most comfortable to you, and begin use. At $12 this is surely a gift that can’t fail.

Whether it’s a high priced piece of machinery or a simple low end item, you can’t go wrong with some innovative AT gifts.


What are some devices you use for everyday use? Have you received or given any as a gift? What else can you add to our list here?

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