Disability Diversity Added to CBS Fall 2015 Lineup



As I said in my previous post I’m a bit obsessed right now with finding disability diversity represented in the world of fashion and entertainment. With the return of TV’s fall lineup (when did that sneak up on us?? I’m still hanging by the pool!) CBS will introduce a new show onto its Saturday morning Dream Team roster.

The Dream Team is a 3 hour block of diverse, family-friendly programing. In their own words CBS describes the lineup as shows with “pro-social messaging”:

Each show offers inspiring and educational messages on subjects of interest to teenage audiences. Topics include heartwarming stories about pet adoption, animal care, healthy family meal makeovers, personal interest stories about people who’ve accomplished extraordinary things and inspiring stories about athletes making a positive impact in their communities.

In short the Dream Team gives you the Saturday morning cartoon vibe; it just makes you feel good.

Joining the Team this October will be The Inspector’s. Loosely based on a 1998 movie of the same name, the show is a scripted dramatic series inspired by real cases handled by the US Postal Inspection Service. The series follows Inspection Service intern Preston Wainwright (Brett Green). Preston is a hardworking regular teen who was paralyzed in a car accident. Together with his Postal Inspector mom, Amanda (Jessica Lundy), they battle identify theft, fraud, and other crimes.


The premise might sound a little cheesy but I think it’ll be really cool to see a young kid depicted post paralysis. I’m interested to see how they explore this side of his story. No matter what any portrayal of individuals with disabilities being active thriving members of their communities, with opinions, feelings and ideas is a okay in my book. The media needs as many full portrayals, not solely focused on the disability but on the person, as possible. The target audience of The Dream Team block are 13-16 year olds. I hope Preston’s character serves as a positive figure for the teen viewers.

The Inspectors will air Saturday October, 3rd 2015, 10:30 a.m..

Who out there will be watching? Comments always welcome!

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