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BraunAbility MXV

Let the countdown officially begin! Only a few short hours until turkey, mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, piled high plates, and full bellies. And of course family, friends, and football. I am personally super pumped. Gotta love Thanksgiving. The holiday fast approaching also means the biggest travel day of the year is upon us. This got me thinking about travel arrangements for all my wheelie brothers and sisters out there. Specifically road travel.



Huge advancements have been made in the industry of accessible vehicles. Gone are the days of vans being the only option for individuals with disabilities. I absolutely love my van, but I can appreciate that others might want to roll in something different.


Virtually any car you could possibly want can be converted to accommodate drivers with disabilities. My friend Courtney vowed her whole life to never drive a van and her paralysis at age 19 didn’t change that vow. She’s owned a Chevy Equinox (SUV) and a Cadillac CTS (Sedan) and both were modified to include hand controls for her to use. This is a great option for anyone that uses a manual wheelchair.


For those of us that primarily use power chairs there are still a plethora of options at our disposal. One in particular that I found really cool is the BraunAbility MXV. Built on the Ford Explorer this vehicle holds several patent-pending features and ultra accessible components including a glide-out door, and removable driver and passenger seating to reveal an open floor plan.

BraunAbility MXV


Anyone out there a little more of a thrill seeker? The Mobility Conquest might be the vehicle for you. This wheelchair motorcycle has a high powered engine and top speeds of 105mph. The driver mounts the bike via an automatic rearward ramp. Your wheelchair is securely locked in place with a push-button release.







The road and our lives are wide open to possibilities. These vehicles are giving people the chance to still do and see the things they love and encounter new experiences.

Let’s get out there and get rolling!




Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone!



    It is not Thanksgiving if I don’t get to watch this movie, the son that drives the pick up truck with the dog in the back is my favorite character.


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