I Wanna Be Like Mike


Recently I was tuning into “Watch What Happens Live” hosted by the wonderful Andy Cohen (Bravo TV) and he had Puff Daddy P Diddy Sean Combs or as I like to call him Poppa Diddy Pop, sit down for a chat. At one point Andy asks the business mogul about the last thing that made

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ADA: Changing Buildings and Attitudes Since 1990


  Alter Ur Ego is my baby. I love fashion and every minute of this business so I want to use this entry to celebrate something that has made it possible for me to get this far in my venture; The American’s With Disabilities Act.   The American’s With Disabilities Act is turning 25 this

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The “ah-ha moment”

Becoming Ms Wheelchair Kentucky 2012 and going on to compete in Ms Wheelchair America and being able to meet so many other amazing girls in wheelchairs was my “ah-ha moment.” Experiencing clothing obstacles on my own was one thing but seeing others struggle was another. I knew I could make a difference first hand. Though

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And so it began

Factory 45 a four-month accelerator program for sustainable apparel companies that takes you from idea to launch. Shannon Whitehead gives the tools to source fabric, find a manufacturer & raise money to fund production. Applications to become a part of Factory45 are open from Feb. 16 – March 2 at www.factory45.co   I was one

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On The Catwalk

In 2013 I designed adaptable shirts for the Future of Fashion V for the Lexington Fashion Collaborative. My five models were in wheelchairs and they rolled the runway (I’m not trying to say I started something but… :)) These shirts were made just for this fashion show but I’m hoping to add them to my

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Stephen King said it best…

“Somethings that are most important are the hardest things to say” In 2007, I became wheelchair-bound at the age of 21 after a traumatic car accident that left me a T4 paraplegic (I can’t feel from the chest down). Transitioning into my new normal, I quickly realized that I couldn’t find functional and comfortable clothing

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