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Wheelchair Traveling Up Up and Away


As many wheelchair users know, wheelchair travel is not the easiest task to accomplish; thus the reason I am choosing to discuss planes, trains, and automobiles… Wait what? I mean planes, wheelchairs, and adaptive sports equipment.   Now that I have your attention, when it comes to wheelchair travel, each of understand that traveling with

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Our Kickstarter, Kicked Ass


We bulldozed past our goal of $20,000. All said and done Alter Ur Ego’s Kickstarter ended with 465 backers and raised $28,627!! I can’t say thank you enough to everyone that donated, shared on social media, and helped get the word out. Overwhelmed with the support so many have show our company.   A big

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Work! Cover Girl!


I went on a Google search because I couldn’t think of a recent time I’ve seen a person with a disability in fashion ads. Turns out I was splendidly mistaken.   February of this year Mercedes Benz New York Fashion week, the holy of holies, catwalk Super Bowl, fashion Mecca, featured a show that presented

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So I Gotta Plug Myself For a Minute…

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Yesterday marked eight years since I had a car accident that left me a T4 paraplegic. It’s my 8th Wheelie Birthday!!! Funny thing is I didn’t even realize until my Mom and Aunt Julie reminded me. I don’t dwell on the past nor would I want to change it. I wholeheartedly believe I am exactly

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I Wanna Be Like Mike


Recently I was tuning into “Watch What Happens Live” hosted by the wonderful Andy Cohen (Bravo TV) and he had Puff Daddy P Diddy Sean Combs or as I like to call him Poppa Diddy Pop, sit down for a chat. At one point Andy asks the business mogul about the last thing that made

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ADA: Changing Buildings and Attitudes Since 1990


  Alter Ur Ego is my baby. I love fashion and every minute of this business so I want to use this entry to celebrate something that has made it possible for me to get this far in my venture; The American’s With Disabilities Act.   The American’s With Disabilities Act is turning 25 this

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